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A Review on Fifa Ultimate Team 15

If you’ve ever taken a look at EA’s well-known video game mode from the outside and questioned where the appeal lies, this things is a big part of it. Like a lot of excellent sports video games, Ultimate Team isn’t just fun to play, but actually improves your appreciation of the sport itself, and it’s for this reason that it’s become one of the most popular games worldwide.

Fifa 04The basis of a subculture where fans construct and dispose of fantasy teams week after week, reading the minute details of unknown footballers, then throwing too much cash away on blind packs of products in the hope of obtaining the rarest players.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Group does nothing that actively jeopardises any of this, however in combination with a gameplay engine that is perhaps losing direction; this conservatism is also becoming an issue.

If this is your very first time in Ultimate Team, the opening few hours can be a little confusing. As you’re greeted by chalkboard overlays on top ofFifa 06 intricate screens recommending you about gamer stats, physical fitness, agreements and so on. However, knuckle down and you get the idea: it’s about building a fantasy team and playing matches, collecting wealth through match profits and transfers to update your team.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the slickest in the series to this day. With so many credits to fret about, half your time playing the video game is invested fiddling with gamers and formations, applying consumables and browsing the marketplace, so the quality of the interface is crucial. This year EA has been busy punishing bots that sustain the real-money grey market for Ultimate Team’s in-game currency. These bots congest the transfer system with automated database requests, which ended up being such a huge concern in 2013 that the marketplace become borderline unusable. At the time of composing, the effort seems to have paid off. Whether you’re searching for players in the game, on the web app or the smartphone app, it’s quick and responsive.