Guide To Buying A Food Dehydrator


A food dehydrator is what you need if you are looking for a gadget that provides low-temperature drying while retaining the micro nutrients and minerals in your food. They go for the price of forty to three hundred dollars and above. A person that likes snacking on healthy food should consider buying this appliance. Some of the dehydrated delicacies include banana chips, kale chips, apple chips and dried tomatoes.

Buying A Food Dehydrator

Key Features

When buying a dehydrator, it is important to check if it has an adjustable thermostat. The dehydrator should have a timer that alerts a person when the food is ready. An automatic shutoff is necessary in case one forgets about the food. Ensure that the dehydrator has a minimum of 500 watts to allow quicker drying.

Types of food dehydrators

Horizontal food dehydratorsm,xklxkdskskskl

Mainly used for preparing beef and hard vegetables. They provide even dehydration throughout and are easy to use. On the downside, they are large in size and tend to occupy a lot of kitchen space.

Vertical flow food dehydrators

They are used to prepare vegetables and fruits. You can buy more shelves in case you want to dry many foods at a go. This type of dehydrator is small and does not occupy much kitchen space. However, they do not heat uniformly as the horizontal dehydrators.

Infrared dehydrators

They are new in the market, and as the name suggests, infrared waves are used to dry the food.

Reasons, why a food dehydrator is a, must have

• It helps you to make healthy feeding choices.
• One can still eat fruits and vegetables that are out of season.
• Less food wastage as fresh produce can be dried to last longer.

Factors to consider when purchasing a dehydrator

1. Price
The highly priced dehydrators have a great capacity, remarkable heat spread, and timers. They go for three hundred dollars and are mainly used in big restaurants. If you are looking to buy one for your house, the much smaller and cheaper dehydrator is what you need.

2. Ease of use
This is mainly determined by the features. It is important for one to buy a dehydrator that cooks the food evenly without having to keep switching the shelves.

3. Heat spread and flow of air
Ensure that you carry out extensive research on each model. The dehydrator should facilitate airflow to the food furthest from the source of heat. The heat should be evenly distributed around the dehydrator.

4. Noisy fans
Try to go for the model that produces the least noise from the fan.

5. Durability and quality
A buyer should figure out whatever dehydrator is well built and has a long life guarantee. It is much better to buy a model that comes with a warranty.


The market has many options for you to pick from. All one has to do is consider whatever food they will be preparing, the use of the dehydrator, for instance, is it for home use or restaurant use and the amount of money they are using to spend.

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