Importance of Faxing to Businesses

A lot of individuals do not send faxes nowadays because they are used to sending documents via emails. Contrary to what most people know or believe, faxing is not dead. In fact, it is growing. You can use your Mac for faxing. Reports show that there are over 100 billion faxes sent out worldwide annually and the fax market is increasing. The faxing system has dramatically evolved, and individuals are no longer using the traditional methods of using a fax machine. Internet faxing is the new wave. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should incorporate faxes in the systems if they have not done so yet.


mobile faxingJust like other methods of communication that have been influenced by cloud services, faxing has not been left behind. With internet faxing, Individuals can now send and receive faxes from wherever they are. It has become just as easy as sending an email. Most individuals disregarded faxing due to the amount of work and effort needed to operate and maintain the machines. However, the conventional devices are now redundant. All you need is an email address that functions. This is convenient for businesses.

Global Reach

Faxing is recognized as the central means of communications in business. Even though technology is evolving, no means of communications has superseded the faxing system. Most companies are now using a cloud-based fax model that makes the workflows easy with email based faxing. This has the benefit of eliminating the need to maintain fax servers.

Audit and Delivery Confirmation

Unlike emails or messages, electronic faxing enables the recipient to send a message that shows that they have received the document successfully. This serves as proof that the message sent was received successfully. For every business, this is a crucial audit trail to the compliance strategies.


securityMost cloud-based providers offer to provide secure fax transmissions. This is done by enabling TLS encryption. Therefore, as a business owner, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure. This faxing system has this advantage over emails.


Electronic faxing has managed to establish a foothold worldwide over time with a protocol that is accepted universally. It is therefore actively used in business processes like the transfer of medical records and financial information. It has also adapted to crucial business systems like CRM using Application Programming Interfaces. The businesses benefit by eliminating the need for Maintainance of fax servers and networks.

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