Why Angular.js is the best?


Angular.js is a new JavaScript designed to make front-end development easy. Built and maintained by Google engineers, Angular.js provides a future template regarding the development of client-side apps. There are many other frameworks, but Why Angular? Here are some reasons why you should opt for Angular.js, not other frameworks:

Here are the reasons

1. It is fun to get started

While all frameworks have large learning curves, Angular is the best when you need to build large applications. Let us be honest. Most people have apprehensions shifting to a new technology. Angular is one framework that never disappoints—it is extremely easy to use, and even the most apprehensive individual can use it.

2. It is comprehensive65y4gt3

If you are used to other projects such as Jasmine, Mocha, and QUnit, then you will have an easy time learning Angular. Angular solves any rapid front-end development and is comprehensive. Some of its stand-out features include:

· Rest easy

· Dependency injection and data binding

· Extends HTML

· Makes HTML your template, and

· Enterprise-level testing

3. It is flexible

If you compare two Angular projects from two companies, you will be surprised at how they vary greatly. Why? Well, because there are no universally accepted standards for how the framework should be used/ applied. Angular, unlike other frameworks, offers great flexibility, and honestly, it helps you to define the structure of your directory and compose your app in a manner you wish. Therefore, if you are the type of person to do things your way, then go with Angular.

4. It focuses on testing

Angular provides ease when it comes to unit testing; there is no doubt about that. The Angular team came up with two robust testing frameworks: the Karma and the Protractor, which makes testing with dependency injection extremely easy.

j6h55. Fantastic community

Angular has a fantastic community with prominent members, including members of the core team as well as members outside of SEO. Here, you can share your thoughts on how to build web apps and even share your experiences. While other frameworks have communities too, many people feel connected to the Angular community.

6. Google built it!

Not many frameworks are made in the open source community. That is why when you come across one, you need to appreciate it. Angular was built by the dedicated Google, and this means that you have an open community to learn from. You also have access to highly talented engineers who will give you solutions to your Angular questions.

There are many other frameworks, but why Angular.js? Well, the above reasons provide answers to this question. You may not be certain about many things, but the fact that Angular was developed by the reputable Google should give you certainty about this framework.

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